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Who ran the fastest during the Snatchers scene?

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what even is the 50 shades movie gonna be just like a theatre full of 40 yr old women eating popcorn and gasping and clutching their chests throughout 2 hours of softcore porn???????? please no

  • taco bell employee: how are you today?
  • me: crunchwrap supreme


Animals that are unbelievably awesome.

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No, this is why women survive longer than men.

this hurt to look at

actually it’s true. in sociology we learn about the fact that men participate in more risky behavior to prove masculinity and this is a way the patriarchy hurts men and pat of the reason the life expectancy is longer for women

Jesus Christ, I wasn’t going to reblog this but then that last one was just so WHY WOULD YOU that I had to

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Text this so that your “hey” isn’t so boring


Text this so that your “hey” isn’t so boring




being a girl who likes girls is confusing bc sometimes you’re not sure what kind of reaction you’re having. that girl is hot. do you wanna look like her? do you wanna sleep with her? do you want both? but not at the same time that would be weird. so confusing.

Love the tag lol.

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